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Centro Werika Tepoztlan, Mexico retreat center

A center that was created for ceremonial space, workshops, retreats and events. 


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Where the love of Mother Earth & the strength of the Sun come together.

Werika was created as a space to facilítate inner-growth and the development of consciousness. It is a place to explore, learn, and go deeper into yourself through a variety of spiritual gatherings, arts and traditions. The specialty at Werika is to provide an intimate and supportive space for human development and a re-connection to our ancestral traditions via ceremonial spaces around the fire, temazcal, and holistic therapies.
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Arturo Alanis:
free spirit, grateful Heart and creative Mind of Centro Werika.
In my view Arturo has done something magical here; combining his ideas, art (in ceramics, sculptures and paintings), visions and experiences along with his personal evolution of consciousness and dedicación to freedom. He has given birth to this wonderful center where he can share his own path to healing and others can experience a unique and supportive environment to deepen their own internal work. Centro Werika began as a ceremonial place, honoring the ancient traditions necessary to recognize our ancestral roots. Arturo’s travels to Europe and the East in search of his own personal growth and understanding were an experience to study and to experience techniques of internal transformation. His time with Osho was important to him in terms of being able to bring back to Mexico important ideas of freedom and liberation.
He has made Werika his home and his offering to the world. He is here to host and share it with open-hearted and spirited individuals from around the world. Werika is a Place for seekers and for teachers.
— Sandro Ceresi, Great Friend of Werika