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"Werika... the magic of this place is hard to describe with words: love, freedom, humanity, warmth, home, and awesome food - Comida Cosmica! If you'e going to visit Mexico this place should be on your list. I leave Werika with peace in my heart a desire to return!"

Martin, Musician, Slovakia


"Werika is a magical place! A wonderful experience for all of the senses!!! For me to be in Werika is to be in a place of peace and happiness! It's an encounter with the best of life and of myself. "

Veronica, Mexico


"Arturo, patriarch and guardian of these wonderful lands! Through his open heart, constant enthusiasm and strength, and the offering of his holistic and traditional therapies he has managed to make Werika a place to experience the communion of body, mind and spirit.  Werika is a place to experience the consciousness of your own being!"

Lulu, Reflexology Therapist, Las Lomas



“In Werika I feel at home.  The care, generosity, happiness, nature, Temazcal, and amazing healing ceremonies make me want to return as often as I can!"

Zeerak Khan, Teacher of Tantra, Non-Duality and Meditation, Phoenix, USA

"Werika is such a lovely place! The food is super delicious and there's a beautiful view from the kitchen. The rooms were really sweet and comfortabl. The dogs made me smile all day long. The design of the whole place is nice and It has many magical spaces to find some time alone - great spaces for ceremonies and yoga. I enjoyed the pool, it's cold but it feels good after a few minutes of sun. We didn't get to do a temazcal but we'll do it next time. WOW, the massages are so good and the best part was the people! Arturo, Blanca, and Vicente created an amazing space and really took care of us and all of our unique and special needs. I was there for 10 days and was always very comfortable and happy. I hope to return next year!

Kristin, Ancestral Healing Team, Nosara, Costa Rica



"I was in Werika a couple of months ago and want to share the magic of this place! Werika transmits a unique energy to you! I was in a ceremony in which I felt really strengthened. It was very healing! They are very loving and professional people!"

Ana, Business Owner, Queretaro, Mexico

"Thank You. A great facilita in the mountains of Mexico. I was quickly impressed with the grounds, my room and the integrity of the staff. They are knowledgeable and amazingly attentive. I journeyed there to support a friend to free himself from addiction. We planned to be there for five days and stayed seven. The staff was meticulous in their care for my friend. Thank you Arturo for creating a physically beautiful, spiritual place. I am humbled by this experience and so proud of my friend's courage. May his life be a new freedom and a future full of wonderful surprises."

Tony, Teacher Holotropic Breathwork, Philadelphia



"Werika is an excellent place, full of nature and calm. The people who attend the place always have a smile and shelter you with warmth, especially the sweet dogs and cata that take care of the place. The beds in the rooms are very comfortable, they give you the feeling of a personal space even if you are sharing a room. My experience with the kitchen of Werika is summed up with the word "envy". I would love to be able to cook so healthy and so vegetarian at home! The dishes they prepare are so good. It's a real experience to be able to spend a week in the tranquility of Werika even if you have work to do. I loved my time there. Five stars."

Rebecca, Student of Psychology and Gestalt Therapy, Veracruz, Mexico

"Werika is a corner of paradise where you can rest body and mind and be lovingly card for. It's a place to relax into your own inner universe and to rediscover the light and love which is your true essence. Arturo's rich personal experience and history are a support to seekers from around the world: a benefit to the inner growth of those who seek refuge in Werika. The unique and loving therapies offered at Werika make the experience unforgettable: Unrepeatable! This is a place to reconnect with the cosmic wisdom of the evolution of life."

Sandro Ceresi, "The Cosmic Cook", Italia



"I have been visiting Tepoztlan for 10 years regularly and have stayed at Werika often. I love the tranquil setting and the beautiful nature surrounding it. Arturo has always been the most gracious host and his staff are wonderful. He is also a fantastic massage therapist and the temazcal ceremonies he does are the best. Werika is tucked away about 5 km outside of town away from all the crowds. I am sure you will enjoy your stay there immensely."

Mahmood, Bienes Raizes, Berkeley, CA

"I've stayed in Werika several times, and Arturo and his staff are always very welcoming and attentive. Doing a Temazcal is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for any visitor. Arturo leads the Temazcal with his broad experience and makes it unforgettable. The rooms are beautiful, and the views from the property are spectacular. The Werika property is a gem and a place I find great relaxation and joy. Arturo's cooking is also close to famous.”
Martin,, Norway